Pre-stressed Reinforced Concrete Spun Pile

Centrifugal Concrete Pipe Piles Prestressed

Circular concrete pile prestressed centrifuge manufactured according to JIS A 5335-1987 Japan or can produce according to customer's standards.

Circular concrete pile prestressed centrifuge is used for projects requiring high quality and as foundations of industrial buildings, ports, marine works, etc. ...


1. Centrifugal concrete piles prestressed production and environmental management in the factories so the quality of uniformity and stability. 2. Using high concrete 60-80 MPa with the centrifugal combine to form prestressed steel for improved structural strength of the pile and the other Vietnamese advantages of the pile:

  • Axial load capacity and high tension.
  • Lower costs by using high strength steel and concrete high.
  • High load.
  • Lets play through the hard layers.
  • Life expectancy due to the use of high-high concrete cracking and large bending moment.

3. Centrifugal concrete piles can be manufactured with a maximum length of 15m for a passage, fast connections and economic stakes, the weight per unit length leads to low price low. Turnover production quickly, achieve early strength in time to meet schedules for large projects.


  • JIS A 5335-1987
  • Mark Conerete grade 600Kg/cm2
  • High strength steel as per JIS G 3137-1994
  • Prestressing bar to be JIS G 3137-1994

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