Pre-stressed Reinforced Concrete Square Girder

Normal reinforced Concrete Square Pile and Pre-stressed reinforced Concrete Square Pile is often used to enhance the load capacity of the foundation of works. Often used to build foundation for the civil works, industrial plants, embankments walls, bridges, ports, etc...

Reinforced concrete piles have capacity of high load, stretched and compressibility and take better extraction. Therefore, it can be used to build the foundation for many different types of works and often used to the compressible structure.
Piles are designed and manufactured in accordance with Vietnam standard or according to customers’ requirements for each project.
  • Uniform and stable quality due to production and management in the factory environment.
  • Fast execution time with large quantity
  • High axial load, withstand large lateral forces to avoid major risks during the construction.
  • Consistent with the work generated spit load, shock loads.
Technical specifications:
  • Pile size: 20x20cm - 45x45 cm
  • 28-day strength of concrete:
  • Normal reinforced Concrete Square Pile:          20-35 MPa.
  • Pre-stressed reinforced Concrete Square Pile: 50-80 MPa.

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